Madamenoire - Ts Madison Won’t Be Using The Term ‘Cis’ After Her Heated Internet Spat With Jess Hilarious


Ts Madison is no longer using the term cis to describe biological women following her viral spat with comedienne Jess Hilarious July 22. During an interview on The Jason Lee Show Aug. 10, the famous trans actress and TV personality said she stopped referring to biological women as “cis” after Jess and a barrage of female social media users began voicing concerns about the term online. The Bros star said she could “understand” Jess’ frustration with Blessing Rose’s viral TikTok video in which the transgender influencer claimed biological women didn’t “own periods” or “womanhood.” “I have decided that I’m going to remove that I’m talking about biological women,” Madison told Lee. “There are too many real important issues to be focused on…but I understand what cis means. It means on the same side of, the opposite of trans.” Cisgender means an individual identifies with the sex they were assigned at birth. However, on social media, some biological women argue that the term is confusing and that they’d simply rather be labeled as a woman. Jess Hilarious echoed a similar sentiment after watching the Blessing Rose clip.

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